Discover our special QA service packages

Trying to figure out how to reduce development costs? Looking for a way to increase customer satisfaction? Our Quality Assurance special packages will help you solve some of the challenges you may be facing and avoid costly rework and delays.

Get results in 2 weeks and even sooner!

Check these QA special packages


Bug Bash

Bug Hunting Time

  • Find bugs hidden in a short span
  • Driven and exploratory testing
  • Status reports (bugs & enhacements)


Mobile Assessment

Testing at the Farm

  • Diversity of devices and OS
  • Native and responsive apps coverage
  • Testing on real devices


Accessibility Assessment

Accessibility Compliance

  • WCAG 2.0/2.1/2.2 compliance
  • Manual and automated approaches
  • Status reports (bugs & enhacements)


Automation of Critical Flows

Automation to Increase Efficiency

  • Automation of FE/BE/Web/Mobile
  • Multiplicity of in-house built FWs
  • Easy self-execution and reports


Measuring Performance

Under Pressure

  • Bottlenecks, downtimes and crashes prevention
  • App Behavior predictions
  • Test of app robustness

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